Dating a woman with genital herpes

So, she spoke up — and shared the tale in a Women’s Health essay, published this week: 'That’s funny,’ I said, with as warm a smile as I could manage. Humor at the expense of people with STIs permeates popular culture, from Saturday Night Live’s Valtrex segment to Jennifer Lawrence casually joking about herpes.

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"Because when a real person — a woman you know and respect — casually mentions having herpes, it stops being a punchline and starts being someone's reality.” About 17 percent of people 14 to 49 in the U. have genital herpes caused by the HSV-2 infection, the CDC reports.100% anonymous to place a profile and all of your personal information can be kept private.The strong privacy settings help you prevent unwanted Herpes singles from viewing your profile & photos.Because I know you’re going to ask, I’ll just say that I trusted a guy more than I should have and believed he was faithful to me when he wasn’t. After my ex and I split up, one day I started feeling what I thought were symptoms of a UTI.A broken heart is bad enough, but I got a broken heart and genital sores to remember him by. I used to get really bad UTIs, so I called my doctor and was able to get an appointment with her the next day. Then my doctor told me what was wrong: I had lesions on my vagina. When I learned I had been diagnosed with gential herpes, I couldn’t stop crying. My doctor was really patient with me and explained that about one in six sexually active Americans have HSV-2. I thought that since I didn’t have cold sores I couldn’t have herpes, but my doctor explained how herpes virus type 2 (HSV-2) only shows on the sex organs. I spent some time educating myself about genital herpes — and healing my broken heart.