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CEO Dmitry Filatov said that Topface won’t be pressing charges, given that the attacker hadn’t (yet) passed the data to anyone and agreed not to do so.Topface is not calling this payment “ransom.” Topface is, rather, calling it “an award for finding a vulnerability”.Thus, we have two types of stable representations about marrying Russian women: positive, originated from dating and introduction agencies, and negative, raised by society.

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If a company buys the cooperation of the man who’s kidnapped its data, to keep him from selling it off, how is that different from paying ransom?

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Topface, a Russian online dating service, has paid an undisclosed sum to an attacker who stole 20 million user email addresses and then advertised them for sale. Petersburg, managed to track down the intruder after he advertised to sell the email addresses.

I call these representations "myths", and consider them in pairs.

The most common myths are discussed on this page, I've picked out 9 of them.