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Here, I strive to make you laugh like never before, cry warmhearted tears, get silly, be naughty, and find morsels of sweetness in the light and dark. Unknown Mami's Sundays in My City offers a wonderfully scenic way to learn about bloggers' hometowns across the globe. I responded gratefully, but only because his post reminded me that I needed to scurry to my washer; I'd left my clothes in there for hours.

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Dating Walk is an online Dating service that provides the possibility to meet people from your area or around the world.

According to the church and the bible, singleness is a gift that should be used wisely in the service of the church errr. I see why people would say that because as singles we have all the time in the world to devout to religious things (don’t we? Luckily, I was not raised with the peer or parent pressure to be married with children by the time I was 22. I dated without my parents knowledge because my father was very over protective), have dreams and enjoy the pleasures of caring for myself ie. This joy of singleness lasted until my very late 20’s.

During that time, I truly enjoyed my life and discovered myself: my likes, dislikes, became honest about my fears, insecurities and strengths.

I had the opportunity to explore my unconventional female interests without having to explain myself to anyone.

The joy of singleness allows you to be independent.

Internetdatingads com