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Within the library is Donkey and Pony Rides have been a popular attraction on Llandudno’s sandy beach for over 125 years and continue to appeal to the children of all ages.

They were introduced by Elizabeth Hughes (the Donkey Lady), Other folk take to the sea in traditional cruising launches or for excitement in speed boats and both types of vessel normally offer trips daily during the long Llandudno season.

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Payment is one-off, no monthly subscription to manage.When I got a bit older, he explained how the signalling system works, and what actually happens inside those mysterious signal boxes - and I was hooked!In my early teens I started travelling around on the railways, and in the summer I would get a week-long rover ticket covering the whole of the Midlands.I already had a camera by then, so I started to photograph as many interesting signals as I could find.Most of the other rail fans I knew were mainly interested in locomotives, so it struck me that somebody ought to be pointing a camera at these signals, as the traditional semaphore variety were rapidly disappearing by then.