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A walk—or better yet, boat ride—through Bruges is like a bit of time travel: Canals criss-cross through a tangible history that dates back to the 13th century, when the Flemish town was a center of art and commerce (and more than twice as large as London).The city is still a destination for architecture lovers, who make for the Markt—a 2.5-acre plaza, closed in by buildings like the Gothic Belfry and the Neo-Gothic Provincial Court—and the neighboring Burg Square. A tripel from local brewery Fort Lapin, housed in a 17th-century fortress on the city's outskirts, is a work of art in itself.Advances in technology made possible mass production of foodstuffs, quick distribution of goods, safer storage facilities, and more efficient cooking appliances.Advances in transportation (most notably trains, automobiles, trucks) also created a huge demand for public dining venues.The courtesans of East Asia, particularly those of the Japanese empire, held a different social role than that of their European counterparts.Examples of Japanese courtesans included the oiran class, who were more focused on the aspect of entertainment in comparison with European courtesans.They become inseparable and have many adventures together.

For those wondering what it’s like to date a Frenchman, here are 15 things to knowincluding the truths, myths, pluses and quirks. Don’t worry about your atrocious accent because they think it’s cute.) They love American girls because they’re fun and enjoy sex, whereas French girls tend to have cyber-coded chastity belts locking up their vaginas. In many cases, sleeping with him on the first night is the kiss of death for a relationship. On the other hand, many French boys have figured out points #1 and #2, and know how to use it to their advantage. But for the nice French boys, it’s helpful to know that he’s likely not dating anyone else besides you. If you’re all about making out in front of grandmas on the subway, then there’s no problem. Despite claiming fame to the “French kiss,” not all French guys are good kissers. True: they love eating (but not all know what outstanding food is, or how to cook) and love a good wine.Historians tell us the genesis of food service dates back to ancient times.Street vendors and public cooks (caterers) were readily available in Ancient Rome.may be the leading Salzburg reference for some, but its musical heritage extends way beyond the big screen: The city takes pride in being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and still hosts Mozart Week, an honorary concert and opera festival, every January.The annual Salzburg Festival also brings theater from Shakespeare to Beckett and music to the city each summer.