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A significant theory of the campaign is that the USAF really does want significant change in its own Auxiliary, including administrative as well as operational control.But the Air Force got blindsided by the tremendous resistance put up by the "colonels" of CAP, who were strongly opposed to allowing the Air Force to move into their turf.

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This cap has the gilt filigree cords of an Ambassador or envoy.If so, please use the following application checklists to be sure all required documents are being submitted.You may also contact your Wing Chaplain for assistance if you have any specific questions regarding appointment requirements.This letter is coming from a very concerned Kansas Wing member and a concerned parent of a cadet in the Kansas Wing.I fear for my child’s safety at functions and his bright future if I sign this letter so I shall remain anonymous. The Wing had issues before, but I was told by the incoming Wing Commander to give him a year and he would fix the problems in Kansas.