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Dear Polly, Recently one of my best friends since childhood started dating my sister (whom I am also super close with).They seem pretty serious about each other and I want to be okay with it, but I’m having a really hard time with it.She will have a period where she feels abandoned or other intense emotions and will lash out and attack me, my husband, and sisters.

Sammy who works with Kyle in the family's jewellery business in Cardiff said: 'I was absolutely livid when I saw what Kyle had done.Particularly dating, as we are all ladies in our 20s and that is pretty much our main interest.You know how when your friend starts dating someone and then they don’t want to text with you, wine-drunk at 2 a.m., about “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” anymore?The main issue is I just have this primal response of UGHGHG NOOOOOOO which doesn’t feel totally logical when it happens, but here’s what I think it’s about: 1.I talk to both of them constantly, all the time, about everything.