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If you have previously writing experience, please include links to your work.

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You may send us manuscripts for the following submission categories: General Submissions, Story of the Week, Readers’ Narrative, or a specific Contest.Want to be in the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII,” but can’t make it to one of the casting calls? Disney has posted an open casting notice calling for video submissions to cast characters dubbed Rachel and Thomas to be in an upcoming film. The notice calls for a “beautiful, smart and athletic” young woman to play Rachel, a 17-to 18-year-old, and a “handsome, smart and athletic” man to play Thomas, 19-23 years old. open auditions, auditions are being held in cities including Chicago; Nashville; Austin, Texas; and Troy, Mich.The notice doesn’t say it’s for “Star Wars,” but as with the recent U. Video submissions can be entered through the casting website. The notice provides bios for both characters, but they may not be completely accurate.PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently accepting entertainment pitches, personal essays, sex/relationships pitches, and other lifestyle features. The Editors at Bustle We are not currently seeking reviews, list ideas, or author interviews from freelance contributors.We hope to open these categories up again soon so please keep checking back throughout the summer. I am particularly interested in pitches about how literature and writing play a role in the resistance.