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“There’s always chance for a ‘Haven’ sequel,” Rose said in answer to a fan question. Her name is Paige this time, and she drives into Haven, Maine, with her baby James in tow, and the story comes full circle to how Nathan and Audrey met in the first place.“If they ask for it, it may come.” “We don’t know of anything, I wish we were teasing something that was in the works, but no, nothing that we know of,” Bryant clarified. “Initially, I had a lot of mixed feelings about it,” admitted Rose about how the show ended.

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Cameron from the year 1997 is active being as an actor within the Canadian films and television.

Cameron father was a business man and his mother was a homemaker.

Cameron completed his early time of schooling from Thornlea Secondary School and later for his university level of education he became a part of Mc Gill University and completed his graduation in the major subject of Civil Engineering during the year 1993.

The two got super touchy Sunday on a boat anchored off the coast of Cabo San Lucas.

They weren't alone so it's possible they're in the friend zone ...