Hong kong sex talk

to those who wanted to know more 'bout me,, i be expectin to hear all ur questions..through email,but here's somethin' for u guys to know 'bout me... I was born in manila, and my parents brought me up here in Hong Kong..i was like 12 years old, so means i actually grew up here with my whole family. This, according to surveys dating back to 2000, anecdotal evidence and personal experience.For years, people have been trying to explain away the low sexual frequency rep.Astronomical real estate prices, too, tend to ground younger adults in their parents’ apartments until their late 20s, and sometimes late 30s, making it difficult if outright impossible to have a sex life.

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“To many Hong Kong people, having sex is too much trouble,” said sex expert Dr.

Ng Wing-ying, pointing to the huge work pressures and busy lifestyle of most Hongkongers, according to Time Out Hong Kong in 2012.

According to an Agence-France Presse report in 2013, the biggest obstacle is privacy, saying that the city’s 7.2 million people are stacked on top of each other in rows of closely packed skyscrapers.

And increasingly this city of over seven million inhabitants floats on a growing sense of unease, a discomfort that stands in direct opposition to the heady, auspicious days when Hong Kong was one of Asia’s great business capitals. You can feel the vapors of this unease everywhere in the city, like the mist that rises from the harbor or from steaming streets at dawn, a mix of confusion and fear and the sharpening premonition of erasure.

What has cast the Hong Kong of once giddy acquisitive desire into a deep paranoia, of course, is the new China, the second largest economy in the world, which has become the shadow, the inference, the chimera, and the overlord in every conversation here. “If you want to see capitalism in action, go to Hong Kong,” economist Milton Friedman is credited with saying.