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At any rate, what I see in your chart may be a new love, one like you have never known!

The kind where you just feel in sync and are completely infatuated nearly immediately.

The third sign of the zodiac, Gemini is witty, bright and often restless, needing constant mental stimulation, variety, space and freedom.

A Gemini mind never stops, causing a lot of nervousness.

You are actually the first chart I've looked at for this eclipse that shows a distinct prospect for something good!

Eclipses are usually kind of a bummer in sum total.

Understand, that the day of the eclipse is not necessarily the day something will happen. Eclipses are triggered by transits for up to two years after they occur depending on what it initially activated in your chart.

Try to be as optimistic as possible during this year.

The more cheerfully that you think about the future, the more likely that you are going to have a good time.

The 2017 forecast for Gemini asks you to use your free time to advance as a person as well.

Best Quality: Responsiveness Shadow Darker Side (weaknesses): Overly talkative, deceptive, wordy, dishonest, exaggerating, emotionally detached, cunning, superficial, moody, double personality and inconsistent The Gemini zodiac sign is lively, versatile, informative, youthful and intellectual.

Affirmation: “I am attracting the best relationships for myself into my life and I surround myself with people who understand and love me.” Gemini, the Twins is the dualistic, chatty sign that is always current and up-to-date in trends, fashion and media.