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Gallons of water: 6,400 Species: Over 40 Journey from the Atlantic sea cliffs—home to playful puffins and the only black guillemots on display in the country—to an undersea kelp forest, to a brilliant Pacific reef.

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At Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in particular, there’s a live feed of a pair that you can watch from the refuge visitor’s center with periodic updates and video footage provided online.

This pair of eagles has successfully produced a clutch of three eggs; a typical size for the Chincoteague eagles.

A couple of videos ago, we saw that in classic C3 photosynthesis And once again, it's called C3 because the first time that carbon dioxide (CO2) is fixed, it's fixed into a 3-carbon molecule.

But we saw the problem with C3 photosynthesis is that the enzyme that does the carbon fixation, it can also react with oxygen.

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Whether you search for live eagle cams, visit a live nest, or look for updates from nests around the country, now is a good time to explore what the eagles are doing.

And then once they fix the carbon they actually fix it into a 4-carbon molecule, into oxaloacetate. Then they pump the malate deeper within the leaf, where you aren't exposed to oxygen.

And then they take the carbon dioxide off the malate, and this is where they actually perform the Calvin cycle. Now that's a very efficient way of producing sugars. Because these stomata, these pores that are on the leaves, they let in air, but they can also let out water.

Our friends at explore.org, Polar Bears International, Frontiers North Adventures, and Manitoba Conservation have installed cams on Tundra Buggies, the Tundra Buggy Lodge, and on top of towers along Cape Chuchill to bring the sights and sounds of the great polar bear migraton to you.

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