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Why would anyone buy these devices when they're just a high-priced extension of the popular c300 series of value-priced GPSs?

But PC Magazine was able to road test one of the first c550s available in the U.

The only hardware controls on the device are the power switch and the volume control. Like the c330, it runs either from the power adapter in your car or from its built-in rechargeable battery, which offers as much as 8 hours of battery life.

It features the same simple interface found on virtually all current Garmin products. " and "View map." It features a 3D view as well as the standard 2D North Up and 2D Track Up views found on virtually all GPSs.

Also some units listed may have limited memmory so may not be able to load the entire mapset at one time.

The Garmin Street Pilot c580 is the latest in Garmin's line of simple and easy to use auto navigators in the small Street Pilot series and is ready to use right out of the box.

The most visible new feature of the c550 is the new antiglare screen, which uses the same technology as that found on the higher-priced 2700 series.

Once I resolved the large JCV issue, I installed 2018.10 to my old and slow 1450 with no issues. The only thing that I noticed was different was the download time.

Since the operation and menu system of the c550 are so similar to the c330's, we'll focus on the new features.There is no CD or DVD of the mapping data included as it is already preloaded on the Street Pilot c580 itself.There is also a windshield suction cup mount which is the ball and socket style.If you click the "add to Cart Button" on our website, information on accessories, shipping prices and more will be provided.Please note that clicking on the "add to cart" button only places the item in your "shopping cart" there is no obligation to buy unless you complete the ordering process. we always strive to provide our customers with great value.